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GNU / Linux

Introducing GNU

Many computer users use a modified version of the GNU system without even knowing it! You've probably heard of Linux. Linux is actually one of the GNU versions that is well known and used today.

GNU is an operating system that respects software freedom and includes packages that have this feature of software freedom. These programs are usually developed exclusively by the GNU Project, or by other free communities.

Software Freedom Movement

Software freedom means that users have sufficient freedom to run, copy, distribute and transfer software, study, modify or improve software.

The important thing is that free software focuses on freedom, not being free! Since the English term for both concepts is written as a single Free, unfortunately many people refer to software freedom as free. To better understand the concept of software freedom, you can compare it to the phrase freedom of expression.

The software freedom movement is active with the goal of gaining freedom for users around the world, which is achieved through the use of free software. Free software tries to control users' software instead of software (or rather software developers) controlling users.

Tell me about Linux!

The term Linux refers to a family of open source operating systems called pseudo-Unix, all of which use the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel was first released in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. The various Linux distributions all support free software and libraries (developed primarily by the GNU Project). The Free Software Foundation emphasizes the use of the term GNU / Linux instead of the word Linux to emphasize the importance of GNU software.