We are always looking to attract creative and capable people. If you think your capabilities are close to what we expect, be sure to send us your resume. Our experts will contact you after the necessary checks. Here are some characteristics of a successful colleague in Hiva team.

High creativity and motivation: Creativity is perhaps the most important characteristic of an individual in a team. Creative and imaginative people increase the quality of their work and the rest of the team. Start your day with positive energy and high motivation.

High flexibility: Workspaces are always subject to many changes and transformations, which can sometimes seem very fundamental and scary. Make sure you are not afraid of change and that you can adapt to the new situation immediately.

Commitment and responsibility: You are responsible for all your mistakes and errors. Do not try to justify your mistakes or blame others. In the first step, take full responsibility for your mistake and in the next step, seek to solve the problem.

Optimal time management: One of the most basic skills of a person in personal life and at work is the ability to plan and manage time optimally. Always be careful about the delivery time of the project because not delivering on time on time may have irreparable consequences for the individual and the group.

Ability to do teamwork: All Hiva projects are developed as a team. Make sure you have the spirit and ability to do teamwork before joining our team.

Adequate accuracy and focus: Even when things go awry, you still need to be able to move on. Try to draw a clear line between personal life and work and stick to it.

High skill In learning: A degree from a reputable university will certainly affect your selection, but it will not be a prerequisite for employment. If you have enough skills, you do not need any qualifications!

Understand sensitive situations: Workspaces are all full of challenges and problems. Make sure you have the ability to face various obstacles and problems. Do not be indifferent to the problems and challenges of the team, even if the problem is not related to your field.

A sense of ownership to work: At Hiva, we understand the value of key and influential people in the collection, and we always strive for these people to have the necessary job satisfaction, as long as you consider yourself an effective member of the team and not just a simple employee!

No need for constant control: People on a successful team need to be trusted. At Hiva Group, we are looking for people who are accurate and follow the company's rules of conduct. Always try to have professional behavior in each set so that managers do not need to constantly monitor your performance.

Respect for your own values and the values of others: Each person's behavior is responsible for themselves. In order not to hurt yourself and the team members, try to stay away from the margins and focus on work.

Pay attention to mental health: Do not underestimate the importance of the soul! At Hiva Team, we sometimes have healthy recreation and sports programs for employees to pay attention to both the health of the employees' bodies and the health of their souls.

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